Hong Kong: Day 1

Hong Kong Island SkylineToday I started off by looking around the area I had wandered around yesterday evening, being astonished as how different things look in the daylight. While the skyline is still impressive, Hong Kong now looked more gray again, but hey, still impressive. The air is not very clean, everything looks ashen when viewing it a certain distance (like over to the other side of the bay).

While I was wandering around the Convention Center I soon encountered a monk of the Buddhist Temple (at least he claimed so) who wanted me to offer a gift (“No money! No money!”), which of course just required a small donation in cash to the temple “for everlasting peace of my soul”. Well, what had I expected 🙂

I finally arrived at the Star Ferry pier and before I really thought about it I used the ferry to move over to Kowloon. I visited the famous Clock Tower and looked around the Museum of Art (how can you build such a huge building without a single window???). I finally wandered off to Nathan Road where all different types of shops (from very serious to “Fake watch? Nice massage?”) are located, with uncountable neon signs. Neon Signs in Nathan RoadAs I was there they didn’t look that impressive, but I definitely need to go visit this area at night, must be an unbelievable few. I stopped wandering around shortly before Night Market (I found that out later when looking at the map, if I had known, I would have gone one the few hundred meters).

As I definitely needed rest after walking around for almost 3 hours now in a temperature and humidity making me sweat like I’ve had never sweated before, I decided to move on to Kowloon Park.

I really liked the area and took some time relaxing there, watching people and exploring the park.

Star FerryAfter now almost 5 hours I decided to go home as I definitely had exceeded my available power. Again using the Star Ferry for an unbelievable low fare of 2,4 HK$ (~0,25€), I reached the Exhibition Center again and moved back to the hotel. I had never needed a shower that urgent before in my entire life!

In the evening I again went wandering around the area I already knew, again astonished by the night-skyline.

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