“Here Comes Another Bubble”

I normally try to avoid the “me too” blog posts, but this video is simply hilarious, especially if you or your job are somehow related to the “Web 2.0” hype. Have fun!

Update 2007-12-16: as of today, the video has been taken down due to a copyright sue. What a pity! Read more on TechCrunch.

Update 2007-12-20: a new version without the pictures in question has been published. I changed the video link below to point to the new version, called “Here Comes Another Bubble 1.1”. (via TechCrunch)

[youtube I6IQ_FOCE6I]

(via Scobleizer and TechCrunch)

You have the right to remain silent

paragraph symbol with shadowIf you speak German and you have about an hour of time, you should watch the video of the presentation of Uwe Vetter at the 23C3 on house searches and how to deal with the police in such situation, especially if “you have nothing to hide”.

Uwe Vetter is the author of the law blog, a well-recognized blog on German law and justice. He is lawyer and has been blogging for several years now.

The video is really entertaining and informative with a lot of nice information and background stories about a situation I hope I’ll never face. It covers the situation in Germany, but I expect that many of the advises given also apply to Austria and other countries.

Content-aware image resizing

Krispin made me aware of a very cool new technique for resizing images: content-aware image resizing. Based on an energy-function path of an image are removed when shrinking or are duplicated and interpolated when growing the image in a non-uniform way.

This technique can also be used to remove objects from a given image. There is a nice demo video available on YouTube (it’s the same as in jfo’s coding blog, where Krispin originally found the information):

[youtube vIFCV2spKtg]

(via jfo’s coding and slashdot)