Arrival at Hong Kong

Finally, after almost 24h of travel I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. The weather was rainy but warm, around 30°C. From the plane to the immigration area was quite a long walk, I even had to use a train. For busy people who don’t want to walk that far, some airport taxis offer to take them directly to Immigration for 50 HK$. After sitting in a plane for that long, I preferred to walk.

Immigration went through smooth, I expected the procedure to take longer but they organize the waiting queues quiet efficiently so everything went fast. I am now in possession of a ninety day visa for Hong Kong. After going through immigration and picking up my luggage (which was already waiting for me after I went through Immigrations), I was picked up by a driver of my travel agency and taken to the Harbor View International hotel. My room there is quite small, but clean, I have a nice view onto the harbor. Unfortunately internet access is quite costly (40 HK$ for one hour, 60 HK$ for four hours), so I will only go online once every two days at maximum.

After sleeping for some hours I decided to take a small walk around the nearby harbor area and visit the Convention Center. In the meantime night had fallen in and now I finally saw a very beautiful Hong Kong.The skyline of Kowloon at the day of my arrival. Part of the Skyline of Hong Kong Island at NightDuring my taxi transfer to the hotel, my first impression of the city was “grey” with bad air quality. Now, after sun-set, the city really became beautiful. I have direct view to the skyline of Kowloon here from my hotel room and the Convention and Exhibition Center is only a few walking minutes away. The look at the huge skyline in the darkness is really breath-taking. It is by far better than any skyline I have seen before (granted, I have not seen that many skylines before). I walked around for about four hours and experimented with my camera which I still don’t really master for good night-shots.

A small note about security: while walking around I always felt safe. There are plenty of people around and the main roads and walking-paths are illuminated very well. At the moment I feel safe, I don’t know how it will be once I move away further than I did today.

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