About Me

My name is Martin Carpella, but everyone has been calling me “Capi” ever since. I was born in 1981. I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg in July 2004 as software engineer, specialization “Software Engineering for Medical Purposes”. My current occupations are hardly associated with medical purposes, though. I also graduated with a master’s degree in “Information-Engineering & -Management” from the same university in 2007.

Preferred development platforms/languages are Java, C#, C++/CLI, C++. I also know at least the basics of most scripting languages like Perl, Python, PHP. Still I prefer strongly typed languages for larger projects. That’s why I am currently playing around with TypeScript and Angular in some pet projects.

At the moment I’m a Senior Software Engineer, doing extensive back-end development in a very challenging setting (in the positive sense).

My previous job is best described as “product owner / team lead” (not in the SCRUM sense). I was responsible for organizing my team and driving forward our products. This included the whole stack from hardware, Linux OS, Java/OpenGL. Also part of the job was the whole product life-cycle from requirements engineering, to development, testing, and certifications. Technology-wise I was mostly occupied with Java, Linux, build automation, encryption (TPM, openssl) and tamper resistance. As developer, I was also responsible for a C++ software solution that is deployed to a not-so-small number of custom-built embedded devices.  I also maintained our OpenEmbedded stack for those devices.

Before that, my previous occupation also helped me build up knowledge in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV world. I’m quite sure I don’t want to go back there (sorry!).

As a hobby, I am playing around with all sorts of technology, sometimes being a little late to the party. At the moment my main hobby interest are in containerization (Docker) and Angular with TypeScript in combination with the Meteor framework. I also monitor “everything” using Nagios and I am obsessed with backups.