All Bluesky content is public

Created by Bing AI

Needing an invite to join, the apps, etc. all gives a certain sense of privacy over on Blueskye. But that’s just show. The API that powers the app is publicly available, no authentication needed. Every post made on Bluesky can be queried publicly by everyone, even without having an invite.

Mario Zechner has demonstrated this well with his low-effort (but amazing!) tool Skyview (source-code available on Github).

It’s a pure client-side web application that requires the link to a Bluesky posting as input and then renders the entire discussion thread around it. Pure client-side, no server, no authentication. Amazing!

Screenshot of Skyview with one of my own postings (in German), reminding about the lack of privacy of postings on Bluesky.

That’s not a problem in itself, but just keep it in mind.

WinXP: How to Deactivate the “Windows Genuine Advantage Tool”

To remove Microsoft’s new “Windows Genuine Advantage-Tool”, which in the current version will check the system’s license every day against a Microsoft database, simply remove the registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\ CurrentVersion\WinLogon\Notify\WGALogon