Terminal-Server NX 2.0 “Free-Forever” Released

NoMachine has announced the release of version 2.0 of thei terminal-server product NX, codenamed “Free-Forever”.

They have released more of their products under GPL and provide now a restricted version under the codename “NX Desktop Server free-forever”:

NoMachine provides a free-for-download and free-forever NX Desktop Server which allows 2 user sessions providing access to any desktop or any network type.

The 2-user sessions should be quite sufficient for many purposes.

[Source: Golem.de]

DWR – Easy AJAX for Java

DWR is a really fantastic library for Java: it allows to write JavaScript applications in web browsers that will directly and almost transparently call Java-methods of objects that live in the Java-Servlet-Container (e.g. Tomcat) as part of the web-application.

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