Organize Your Ideas and Thoughts with wikidPad

wikidPad is one of the very few applications I recently got really enthusiastic about. It is a single-user desktop wiki, written in Python. It is really fast to use and you can write down your ideas, organize your information and much, much more. This is the way I want a Wiki to work!

I got so enthusiastic about it that I am currently writing anything down inside it, organizing my contact data, appointments, schedules, etc. Together with this great Getting-Things-Done extension, I am really, really happy that I finally found a way to organize my thoughts, ideas, and TODOs. It all is becoming to make more and more sense now 😉

I am so addicted to the system that I installed the whole application inside my shared data environment. I am using the old style file format, where every page is stored as a .wiki file, which makes synchronization using Unison very fast and easy, and additionally allowing (limited) conflict handling.

While still being a Python application, wikidPad was written for Windows and got Linux support added later during development, after wikidPad itself became OpenSource. At the moment, I find the Linux version being too buggy for my everyday use, so I use wine to run wikidPad there.