CrossLoop: Free and easy remote assistance

Screenshot von CrossLoopToday I had to give quick support to a colleague working from home in order to resolve a networking issue. This was the perfect situation to evaluate CrossLoop, a free remote-assistance tool similar to NetViewer (but, as mentioned, free).

The experience was nice, it just worked “out of the box”, after installing and sending me the access key, the connection was established despite our firewalls in between. It is easy enough I would trust almost all customers to get it working. I’ll have to evaluate how the software behaves if you don’t have administrative privileges on your system.

Crossloop is based upon TightVNC and as a consequence you get the typical feeling of a VNC session, which is not as fluent as NetViewer, Remote Desktop, or similar, but it was more than enough to work on the issue at hand.

So if you are searching for a low-cost (i.e. free) alternative for quick support of family members, co-workers, or even customers, you should give CrossLoop a try. CrossLoop currently is only available for Windows, but Linux and Mac versions are planned.

By the way, CrossLoop just got a 3-Million-$ Series A investment, so hopefully this service will continue to exist for some time.

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Terminal-Server NX 2.0 “Free-Forever” Released

NoMachine has announced the release of version 2.0 of thei terminal-server product NX, codenamed “Free-Forever”.

They have released more of their products under GPL and provide now a restricted version under the codename “NX Desktop Server free-forever”:

NoMachine provides a free-for-download and free-forever NX Desktop Server which allows 2 user sessions providing access to any desktop or any network type.

The 2-user sessions should be quite sufficient for many purposes.