Server-Side Bookmarks: SiteBar

I currently work on several computers quite simultaniously and I am also browsing the net using these different machines. In past times this often caused that I had some bookmarks on computer A and others on computer B. According to Murphy’s Law, I always needed a link of a computer which was currently not available.

The solution to this problem is obvious: using a server based bookmark management. On my search for free solutions I found SiteBar which seems to be quite popular. It can be set up in different modes for shared bookmarks of many users and for individuals. I used the latter mode for my installation as it is to be used by me exclusively. Still, the installation features a public and private area for links so not all links can be seen by every visitor.

SiteBar integrates well with all browsers. I had no problems importing my bookmarks files from Firefox and I’ve now set up special shortcut links in my links list on all browser instances I use across the different computers to add the currently viewed site to my SiteBar. The “integrator page” lists several useful plugins for various browsers which allow (for some browsers) to sync local bookmarks and server bookmarks. This particularely solves the problem of bookmarks being only available if the server is online. The corresponding plugin for Firefox is in beta statdium at the moment and only supports syncing server to local bookmarks up to now.

At the moment, we are also evaluating to use SiteBar for the development team at our company to share important links to various resources.

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