Java and OLE: Commercial Libary

COM and ActiveX components are still important technologies for interoperation on Microsoft Windows. One of the powers of the .NET platform is easy integration with existing code in the mentioned form. For Java-developers, the idea of COM and ActiveX seems strange at a frist glance as it obviously kills platfrom independence, one of the key benefits and the USP of Java most often cited. Still, when focusing on the Windows desktop, integration of existing technologies, especially Micosoft Office, is often an important requirenment. A commercial library promissing easy integration of COM and ActiveX components in Java Swing applications can be found here.

FAQ: Java Console Handling

As it is one of the FAQs on every Java newsgroup or Java Mailinglists: “How to handle console?”

I came across a nice library that supports console operations on Windows, Linux and Mac OS: JLine.

Check it out, if you really need to work with the console on the mentioned platforms. The libarary works using native features, but I find the handling quite nice: the required DLL for Windows for instance is dynamically extracted from the JAR and loaded, so there is no need for a special installation.

JLine does not provide curses features at the moment, but it is a good approach if you need to read a password from standard in.